TestParameters Validation Page

Application details

Application name: TestParameters
Application version: 1.0.0
Framework runtime version (scert.jar) :
Framework runtime common version (scertcommon.jar) :
Axis version (axis.jar): unknown
Start Languagespanish
PlatformExperience Portal
ASRDesktop Microsoft Speech SAPI - this setting is for simulation only, you may encounter problems
Use SSMLtrue
WebLM URLhttps://
License status for platformExperience Portal
HTTP Proxy Settings
Use Proxyfalse
Ignore Hosts
HTTPS Proxy Settings
Use Proxyfalse
Ignore Hosts


NOTE: These required libraries must be manually installed and are available from the runtimesupport.zip, which is provided with Orchestration Designer. This .zip file is located in the directory <Eclipse home>/plugins/com.avaya.sce.core_<version number>, where <Eclipse home> is the directory in which you installed the Eclipse and Orchestration Designer software, and <version number> is the version number of the Orchestration Designer release.

Please refer to the Orchestration Designer documentation, Chapter 13 "Application Deployment" in the section titled "Preparing the application server to run Orchestration Designer applications", for instructions on how to install these libraries.

Web Services
Interaction Center
CTI (Computer Telephony)

Required dependencies

1. Module name: TestParametersModule

   Required   Available 
Module version: 1.0.0 1.0.0
Framework runtime version:

Note: Even if all the dependencies are present, there is no guarantee your Orchestration Designer application will work, because there are many configuration options that this page does not check for. These tests are necessary but not sufficient.