CCT Server IP:         
  Login CCT User:      
Login CCT User URI:    
Logout URI:    
  Login Agent to terminal:      
  Logout Agent from Terminal:      
Login \ logout URI:    
  Provider Name:              Port for endpointURI:  
  Terminal Name:                   
  Calling Address:  
  Called Address:  
  Transfer-To Address:  
  Terminal State:  
  Consult-contact ID:  
  Raw JSON events:  

Hi, We are developing Custom CCT Desktop using CCT Rest api sample tutor code. 1) First we are submitting CCT server IP address. 2) After that we are providing CCT user login details ({"user":{"username":"CCVAAgent1", "password":"Password_01", "domain":"lab.local" }}) we are click on CCT Login and it get generate the SSO token and this token is parse to agent login url. 3) For Agent Login we are providing following information. {"agent":{"terminalName":"Line", "providerName":"Passive", "agentId":"3651", "agentPassword":"Password_01", "mode":"login" }} We are clicking on Agent Login and parsing below url but receiving Error response. What should I use in Agent login Terminal name - is terminalName":"Line" is same for each setup or it get changed. and which channel to use in Provider name. I am attaching screenshot of sample desktop working. Regards, Raviraj