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Transfer Call uses a cold transfer, ie, it completly diconnects the current user when transfered. is there any way to to a warm transfer whereby the handlers can talk with each other before releasing the transfer? The customer must not be able to hear what they are talking about and be kept on hold.

A conference call would not work due to the fact that the handlers will want to talk in confidence.
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The Consultation Call service request can be used to achieve this. The consultOptions will have to be set to the appropriate option, for example "Transfer Only".
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A few additions / corrections. Note that the consultation call request is not available on the telephony web service: rather through TSAPI / JTAPI. The Telephony Web Service is intended to be a high-level abstraction that suits many average business needs, but is not as full featured as our other APIs. Avaya is investigating a full implementation of ECMA 348 (CSTA 3 web services) which would include an implementatin of Consultation Call, but there is no release date for a GA product.

One last note, it's not necessary to set the consultOptions field. A ConsultationCall operation can be followed by a ConferenceCall or TransferCall operation.
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