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I have created stubs from wsdl file using wsdl2java for telephony web service.

and i am using all the jar files provided with

but still generated code gives compilation error for classes
more digging i came to know that some jar files are missing like

Where i can find these jars? any other solution to this.

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The jar files that are provided with the sdk are only required for running the example application.

When developing a production client application you should start with the wsdl file and generate your own stubs (as you say you did). In this case you do not need any other jar files from the AES application.

I suspect that the missing dependency is due to a conflict with the stubs you generated and those supplied with the sample application. Removing the jar files provided with the sdk should solve your problem.

The telephonysvc.jar belongs on the AES server machine and should not be used by web service clients.
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