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I'm spending some time on DMCC Dashboard Tool.
So i have a question about DMCC SDK.
Does Dasboard tool has voice communication support? I mean DMCC is Device,Call and Media Control. So for example when i register an extention on Dasboard tool and register terminal (as 4000) and when i call from another extention 1003 to 4000 i can answer call. But i cant hear any voice between two extention. But i know Dasboard Tool also has softphone capability. So is it possible transfer voice on dasboard too or DMCC SDK support that function?

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Hi Fatih,

The Dashboard does not have a full softphone capability - it is not possible to connect it directly to a speaker & microphone. It is just written to demonstrate the capabilities of the .Net DMCC SDK.

It is possible to use the Dashboard to see and save the RTP stream coming from the Communication Manager. To do this, Register the device in Client Media Control Mode and set the RTP IP Address to the IP address of your computer. Now, when the dashboard is in a call, select the Client Media Tab and click "Start Media Threads". You will see the incoming RTP stream scrolling down the screen. You may save this audio to a file and play it back later.

To receive and generate audio, you will need an RTP stack. The .net SDK includes a sample stack which is used by the Dashboard. However, this stack is not of production quality so you will need to write or purchase a 3rd party stack for use in a production environment.

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