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We are facing voice issue for below scenario:

Caller calls on Avaya IVR(Developed in OD). In main menu, callers selects an option(e.g DTMF key 4). On pressing this option, we transfer call to a VDN.
Once call gets transferred to this VDN, call gets connected to an External IVR. External IVR plays out some information on their IVR and they have provided option on their IVR to come back to Avaya IVR.

Calls are successfully reaching Avaya IVR from External IVR, but for 50-60% of calls we are facing Voice Issue(Blank call). For these blank calls, vxml trace log is showing vxml page for main menu. but caller is not able to hear the voice.

What can b issue here? Issue is intermittent.


We have IVR application developed in Orchestration designer.

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It's tough to say. Is there any way you can post a log of the issue?
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