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My company went live with a AACC solution just over a week ago. This solution is connected to Aspect software (WFM and RTA). We are obviously using the RTDSDK APIs and we are experiencing an issue with the RTDView software as follows:

When I try running RTDView I get the following error:

NIrtd_eREMOTE_SYSREC_FAIL --> 60043 Failed to log on due to a failure to read the system record at the remote site.

I have tested for connectivity and have no issues. It is pinging the system appropiately.

Anybody out there who have experienced the same situation? and Have found the cause?

Thanks guys for your support appreciated.


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Additional Information on this item:
1) We are running this application on: OS (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1).

2) When instaling RTDSDK we get the following errors:
Error Opening File for writting.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\RTDSDK\Unicode\bin\GetDBLogin.dll

3) Version= aacc-6_4-rtd-sdk

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If it's a live deployment I'd recommend that you reach out to your support partners for assistance.

If the SDK is failing to install (particularly on a single DLL) then you'll need to tackle that. I'd guess it's because the DLL is in use. Furthermore, I'd speculate that you need to reboot the machine (ensuring that the "application" does not start) uninstall any old SDKs that are lying around and, re-install the new SDK.

You should also note that RTDSDK requires two way communication and thus, being able to ping does not imply the application's operational requirements are met.

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hi, have you managed to resolve this issue?

I am having same exception while communicating with AACC using CCMS RTD API 7.1.1. it was working fine but suddenly it started giving this exception

"login exception: Failed to login due to a failure to read the system record at the remote site (60043)"
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