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Is there any way for CE/AMS to be able to record and store a response from a caller? For example, the caller makes a purchase from a call center agent, and then agent transfers the call to a CE application. The CE application plays back what the caller purchased and then requires the caller to say that they agree to purchase (we would need to record the voice of the caller saying their name as opposed to just collecting a DTMF digit). We don't need to do any processing of the recording, just store it in AMS.

I know that AMS has the <record> tag within the VoiceXML, but it seems I can't call VoiceXML applications unless I pay for the Speech Search Snapin.

Any other thoughts on how to do something like this? Once I have the recording in AMS (or through any other manner) I can do what I need with it.


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Unfortunately, VoiceXML with a Real-Time Speech license is the only way that you can record anything from a call traversing Collaboration Environment. We would like to add support for recording to our core Java API, and are evaluating when we'll be able to do so.

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