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Forum Index » JTAPI » Conference call gets cleared when the shared party leaves the conference   XML
Author Message

Joined: 22/05/2014 06:18:36
Messages: 52


We are using JTAPI SDK and AES 6.3.1 for our CTI application.
When we test the following scenario, the entire conference gets cleared.
1) User A calls User B
2) User B's line is shared on User C's device
3) User B answers the call using JTAPI answer API
4) User C joins the call using JTAPI join API. Call is in conference state now.
5) User C drops the call from the application. AT this point, the entire conference call gets cleared and there is no call on the device too.

Any idea why does the entire call get cleared instead of the party who just dropped from the conference.


Joined: 24/10/2013 21:24:19
Messages: 412

This may quickly become an issue you need to open a DevConnect Technical support ticket for.

2) So there is a bridged appr of B on C's device?
4) Please explain the "JTAPI join API".
5) Here is where you need to make sure that C is dropping it's terminal connection and not the whole conference call. Take a close look at your logs to find out what is happening when User C hits the drop button on the application. If you need help from us to look at this further then open a DevConnect ticket and provide your logs please. Please note you must be at an upgraded membership level for this service.

Joined: 22/05/2014 06:18:36
Messages: 52

Hi Craig

Thank you for the response. Please see my answers below:

2) So there is a bridged appr of B on C's device? - yes that is right
4) Please explain the "JTAPI join API". - By this, I meant that the shared party joined the call through the application which uses the Avaya JTAPI 'join' API

Please see the attached logs for this test. The call-id was 11062.

 Filename [Disk] Download
 Description Clear connection issue- Shared line conference call
 Filesize 1647 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  255 time(s)

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