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We are experiencing too many HTTPVOX timeout errors in application logs.

Our setup is EP 6.0 SP 2, OD 6.0 (, Tomcat 6.0 update 101.

There are 3 HTTPVOX servers (on IC side).
Is it possible if we can host multiple IC connector (ICC) applications within same Tomcat server?
We are thinking to have 3 ICC applications, each pointing to 3 different HTTPVOX servers.
Is it technically possible? If yes, will it give any performance improvements? And how to implement this?
If no, what other options we have to improve response time (and avoid time out errors).

Please note that we did not experience any failures on IC side.

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No, you can only have one ICC per JVM. You can have multiple Tomcat servers with their own ICC and you can direct traffic between them.

Do you have any logs showing the timeout issues? ICC is pretty efficient. It just acts as the go between from the app to IC, so there really isn't a lot of overhead for it to bottleneck.

How much traffic are you handling with this appserver? It could be Tomcat itself that is running out of threads. You might need to look at your Tomcat setup and add more heap space and thread count if that is the case.
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