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we have IVR application developed using OD and using aesconnector to get call information

Environment: AEP-6.0, H323 ports configured for IVR application

When the inbound call get landed, the app calls the CTI node to get call information.
The tomcatsession timeout was set as 3 minutes, since there is no response from aesconnector for more than 3 minutes the tomcat sessions get cleared.
This is happening in production environment. And at one stage the inbound calls were not received to the app.

To make it work, we have to restart tomcat services.

1.Any insights on where is the issue, is in AES-connector side or AES end or ??
2.How to troubleshoot these type of issue, since our app is dependant on aes-connector.war file.
3.Is it something else is causing the issue. reason like if aes-connector not sent response then will the tomcat session get blocked and over a period of time all the sessions are hanged and in effect MPP unable to route incoming call? please reply.

The log file attachment is huge will share it asap;

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I need to see both an app log and an AESC log for the same call. It would be best to delete the old app/AESC logs and just test it for one call so the logs aren't so large.
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