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Important: Avaya previously announced End of Sale for Avaya Aura BDE and is no longer available to new customers.

DevConnect has also announced End-of-Sale plans for license renewals, effective 31 January 2017. Details of this EoS announcement can be found here. After 31 Jan 2017, neither new installations of BDE or renewed license keys will be available.

Members can still access the legacy documentation here.

As an alternative to Avaya Aura BDE, DevConnect Technology Partners and Test-enabled members may purchase Avaya Aura Full Stack for VMware with Avaya Aura Media Server for use in their labs.
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We just purchased the Avaya Aura Full Stack for VMware with Avaya Aura Media Server in order to replace our BDE for our dev environment. The downloadable OVAs come preconfigured with the minimum hardware requirements for production environments. For instance, the System Manager Profile-1 OVA has 4 vCPUs reserved and 9 GB RAM. However, we simply need to run the Aura 7.0 Full Stack in our dev environment with only a few users (the DevConnect license only supports up to 100 CM stations and 100 SIP users, for instance).

Can you please tell us the minimum HW requirements (CPU, RAM, etc) for running each OVA? I have not been able to find any details online. The regular support docs mention that you can lower the CPU speeds, but warn against decreasing actual resources. But clearly our dev environment will not require the HW resources of a Production environment.

Thanks in advance,
Darrell Lowrance, CTIntegrations

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Avaya Aura Basic Development Environment & License Renewals are now End-of-Sale.
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