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Hi Guys,

I was looking to generate a UUI from Asterisk to Avaya Session Manager, after digging through the different RFC which were not really helpful and gave me headache , I finally got it working and can generate any kind of UUI on fly but still have some question.

I'm connected from Asterisk to Avaya SM through SIP so I'm using the string below:


From Q.931 document ==> 4.5.30

04 is protocol discriminator: 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 IA5 characters (Note 4)
C8: looks to be mandatory, doesn't works if I remove it and I don't understand the purpose of C8, if someone could explain it ?
13: is the length of my UUI data, so 13 in hexa means 19 in decimal, as my string contains 19 characters
55554947656E6572617465644279437972696C: Hex to ASCII give me UUIGeneratedByCyril and we have there the 19 characters

So if I don't indicate the length with 13 then UUI will be time to time displayed properly or sometimes with additional characters not desired so I understand the fact that it's needed to indicate the length for CM to know it.

The fact is that I don't understand the purpose of C8, any indication will be helpful ?

Also I'm able by pushing UUI-info button on my phone to see the string ==> UUIGeneratedByCyril which is good and prove that it works as expected.

I'm able to see this string sent over CTI as my agent application connected through TSAPI is able to get it, but ECHI data sent from CMS to external database doesn't fill the ASAIUUI column, while for regular ISDN calls the ASAIUUI is filled up correctly.

Does it means that I should change something in my string that will force CM to send it to CMS ?

When looking for CMS ECHI documentation they say that ASAI UUI is associated with a call segment and if an ASAIUUI is not sent, then this field will be NULL. As I'm able to see the UUI through all equipment why CMS can't get it ?

Thanks a lot for your help on it and reading me.

Best Regards
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Hi Cyril,

Your query does not seem to be related to the Basic development Environment. I am not sure what support Devconnect provides for CMS, but you may be able to get some support by opening a Tech Support ticket.

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Hello Martin,

From what I found from devconnect forum C8 is 200 in decimal, means 96 ASCII bytes.

Regarding CMS Echi I'll open a case to tech support.

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