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How to assign supplier id attribute for dynamic task type as it does not properties.xml file?
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Hi Ramesh, i am thinking you want to use supplier id as an smgr attribute which can be modified later in your dynamic task, please correct my understanding.

Open designer you will see by default start, variable and properties, you can double click properties and provide name and value and map it to your task as an input mapping. This way each wfd would have its own supplier id attribute configured. You can change this value for this wfd from smgr attributes page.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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Sorry for the delay, but I've got an updated response for you. You are correct that task types as they exist today cannot have a supplier ID as they don't have a properties.xml. The Breeze 3.3 release planned for later this year will most likely introduce a "bundle" capability that will allow task types to be bundled with WFDs and Java snap-ins. Bundles will themselves have a properties.xml that can include a supplier ID, and if desired can have only a single module within them (e.g. a task type).

If you'd like to be able to post a task type to the Snapp Store prior to the release of Breeze 3.3, let us know and we may be able to make an exception.
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The functionality for publishing Engagement Designer Dynamic tasks to Snappstore was added in ED 3.2 Feature Pack 1, and is available in the ED SDK available on devconnect site.
ED SDK requires Breeze SDK which is also available on devconnect.

Using the above mentioned ED SDK, generate a scaffolding project and update it with your code.
You will see a new folder “task-svar” in addition to the “tasks” folder.

The properties.xml file where you need to add the supplier id is located in tasks-svar/src/main/resources/.

You can then build your dynamic task svar using the command: mvn clean install –Psvar
You will find your dynamic task svar file in tasks-svar/target/, which can be published to Snapstore.
This svar file can only be uploaded and deployed on ED Admin Console the same way you did with the dynamic task jar file.

I hope this helps,
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Thanks so much for the correction Eli; this is great news.
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