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I have taken Javascript CSDK zip from:
"AvayaClientSDK_Javascript- => CommunicationPackage =>sample => CommunicationSampleApp"

I am suffering through following two problem:

(1) Css and js files are missing from 'ext/' folder which are included in index.html

(2) Network error occurred. Status: 400001 on login:
-- Here I have replaced missing ext/ folder files (css & js) by cdn paths as a temporary solution to first problem.
-- I can see login panel when I opens index.html in browser.
-- I put all credentials of login form on call tab, can click on login button. Logout button remains unclickable.
-- After login action I observes following error on browser console.
"Starting 4 services.
Network error occurred. Status: 400001
CSGPresenceProvider: Network is unavailable"

Can anyone please help me out to make this sample work locally.

Thank you
- rohini
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Hi Rohini
Thank you for your question.

1) It's expected behavior.
For ClientSDK you only need download bootstrap-toggle v2.2.0 by yourself. See

For ClientSDK you need download following libraries to ext directory:
bootstrap-toggle.js v2.2.0
HTML5 Shiv v3.7.0
jQuery UI v1.10.4
timer.jquery v0.6.3

Use following links:

2) Can you try login with firewall turned off? Please provide full browser console log. Our technical team will investigate.
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