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below is the csdk sample's code for adding video for WPF project, the "LocalVideo.Source" is WPF control class's property, how can i use winform control calss, or which api can i add video for winform view?

CompositionTarget.Rendering += (LocalVideo.Source as VideoRenderer2).onRendering;
CompositionTarget.Rendering += (RemoteVideo.Source as VideoRenderer2).onRendering;
CallManager.GetInstance().AddLocalVideoRenderer(LocalVideo.Source as VideoRenderer2);
CallManager.GetInstance().AddRemoteVideoRenderer(RemoteVideo.Source as VideoRenderer2);
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Hi Shix
Thank you for your question.

If you mean supporting the renderer in a typical Direct3D window, it was not implemented. But it is generally possible as i know. So you can request a feature if it needed.
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