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Forum Index » Avaya Breeze™ » Breeze relation to Session Manager   XML
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Joined: 09/08/2017 17:21:15
Messages: 18

This is a general question regarding Breeze and Session Manager.

When Breeze needs to access CM to setup an extension call, is the order of servers leveraged follow like so: Breeze --> AES --> Session Manager --> CM. I'm trying to understand the basic architecture between the different Avaya servers we have. I realize there is a lot more detail as to what is occurring but would be satisfied just receiving the basic outline.

We are using Breeze in tandem with a Developer server to perform click to dial between an internal extension and an external phone number for an example.

Joined: 20/06/2005 14:06:52
Messages: 486
Location: Thornton, CO

that answer depends on which Breeze APIs you utilize and what types of endpoints you are working with (H.323, DCP, SIP).

AES talks exclusively to Communication Manager on the 'upstream' side (to invoke call control services). Communication Manager may then send messages through Session Manager to communicate with SIP endpoints. Communication Manager has the responsibility of communicating with H.323 or DCP endpoints that 'register' with it. The pathway to a remote endpoint may utilize SIP trunking through Session Manager, or other forms of trunking to reach remote Communication Managers.

Breeze APIs may initiate SIP call traffic, or may utilize APIs from other Avaya products (e.g AES) to initiate call activity.

Does that help or hurt?

Joined: 09/08/2017 17:21:15
Messages: 18

Thanks John, the endpoints are H.323 IP phones, so no SIP stations involved. We are leveraging the ECC snap-in on Breeze. Breeze is local to one CM that has these stations registered to it.

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Joined: 15/11/2013 10:26:35
Messages: 676

Given that you're exclusively usign ECC and H.323 endpoints, John is correct: Session Manager will not be involved in the operation of that application in any way.
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