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Forum Index » Avaya Breeze™ » Deployment of Breeze 3.3.1 failed   XML
Author Message

Joined: 09/11/2017 09:49:36
Messages: 2

Hi guys,

Did everybody meets problem with Breeze deployment on AVP ?
I am trying to deploy this OVA and I still have the same error :

Running Sanity test
Error Code-CONNECTION_NOT_ESTABLISHED:: The VM was started but a network connection could not be established to it, this may indicate a network issue between this system and the VM or the VM may not have deployed successfully. Please check the network configuration and the VM status from its management interface if connection can be made.

Thank you in advance

Joined: 15/11/2013 10:26:35
Messages: 676

OK, I got some potential troubleshooting steps for you. It's from 2 different sources so there may be some overlap. Hopefully this will yield some results.

Troubleshooting recommendations:
1. Login to the AVPs VMware interface (vShere client or vSphere Web Client depending on AVP release) and evaluate if the networks (for Public and for Out-of-Band Management ) are healthy -- connected.
2. Confirm VM’s network mapping to the AVP’s networks
3. If above succeed, try a ping to the Breezes MGMT IP Address (from SMGR or other device).
4. Note-- Breeze’s Security Module interface will not be established until Replication succeeds.
5. Another thing to check is the Enrollment Password (is it not expired), -- although would have different implications -- probably not the error message included in this thread.

I would check to see if Breeze deployed correctly via login attempt ensuring that the network connectivity is present. If it did somewhere there is a break in the network from SDM to Breeze. If they are using the Services Port they need to make sure they are on on the laptop 19211.13.6 as the gateway, they don’t have another route active for the gateway from another nic and IP forwarding is on on Utility Services. If they aren’t on the Services Port check if the SDM machine can ping the gateway to the Breeze network and the Breeze IP is being set correctly.

Joined: 09/11/2017 09:49:36
Messages: 2

Hi JoelEzell,

Thank you for this recommandations but something I forgot to mention yesterday was I got IPv6 link local address for VM Breeze.
Public and Out of Band Manageement are connected.
Do you know if there are everything can switch IP address to IPv4. I have properly enter an IPv4 address in deployment

Thank you for your help

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