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Forum Index » Engagement Designer » changing Event family/type for a Start event   XML
Author Message

Joined: 08/11/2013 09:56:57
Messages: 28

I started developing a workflow and it turns out I chose the wrong Event family and type for the Start event.
I'm trying to change it but now the drop down lists for Event family and Type only have one entry; the family/type I chose initially.

Is there any way to change the event family/type for a Start event?
any suggestion to avoid having to re-write the workflow from scratch?

Joined: 24/07/2014 16:30:45
Messages: 45

You can select the start event from the list? Your workflow doesnt need to change, only the payload will be different.

Joined: 08/11/2013 09:56:57
Messages: 28

sorry I'm not sure I understand you.
On the left side of the screen, on the events group, I see all events except Start (e.g. End, Terminate, etc)

On the workflow panel on the right, as soon as I choose any event family and type for the Start event, I cannot change it back.
The drop down list where I can select family and type changes from having several entries to only having 1 entry.

Joined: 30/06/2015 13:15:54
Messages: 91

You should be able to click on the drop down boxes and pick a different event.

Please check if your session has timed out. If you have a timed out session, you will not see the drop down entries until you re-establish the session by re-logging in.

Also, intermediately, there were some bugs around this - where you have to click again to see all entries. Maybe your system has that version? What does the "Help->About" say the version is? Please let us know if any of these help.

Prakash Natarajan
System Architecture Consulting Engineer
Engagement Designer

Joined: 08/11/2013 09:56:57
Messages: 28

thanks for the help.
The version shown is
I don't think the session has timed out as I'm able to reproduce this very quickly after creating a new workflow.
I create a new workflow, set the family/type event of the Start event and nothing else. The dropdown list for family and type of event goes from having N entries to having just 1 (the one I selected).
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