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Hi. We have an Avaya IP 500 V2 with software 9.1.1. We also have an
number of Avaya 1608 phones using H323.

We are rewriting our office management software in dotNET (MVC) and
would like to integrate our PABX in to the system.
Tasks we wish to do is.
1. Answer the next call in queue without handset pickup
2. Dial a number on a handset without handset pickup
3. Monitor what calls are in progress and on what extension.
4. Have this run from a web server.. Not a client program on a desktop

I have tried to download several of the examples to do this but have
been unable to connect to the PABX.
Can you tell me what toolkits/libraries/products I will need. And
should I upgrade our PABX to v 10.1
Many thanks for ANY advice you can give me.
I have been programming for over 20 years so I have a good grasp of
technical things.
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This forum does not support IP Office. I see that you have opened a technical support ticket. Hopefully, one of my colleagues will be able to help you with that.

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Thanks for that.
Although are there other software packages that will run with this PABX.. or only;y the IP Office
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Is PABX one and the same to you as IP Office? I wonder why you were switching terms in the first post, and now seem to be differentiating them even more so.

For IP Office 9.1 you can use TAPI. The information related to TAPI is found here

Then click the downloads tab, and then the "TAPI and DevLink"
Look below the table of interfaces for the documentation, SDK, etc.

How well TAPI works on a web server, I don't know. you may need to build a thick client on an application server and interface it to the web server so the thick application can keep up with timers and the like. I am not much of a web server developer.

Release 10.1 of IP Office introduced a Centralized CTI web services interface that could alternatively be leveraged to meet your stated requirements. Its advantage over TAPI is that through one interface you can work with multiple IP Office 500 V2 servers arranged in a small office configuration. With TAPI you have to interface to each 500 V2 independently.

In general DevConnect does not provide free support for IP Office. Should you need further technical assistance I suggest investigating a Support Enabled DevConnect membership so you can get the technical assistance you seek.
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