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Forum Index » EMC Developer » DocumentWindowKeys of ExternalApplication   XML
Author Message

Joined: 06/02/2014 13:07:05
Messages: 29


what is the purpose of 'Tool Window Key' under External Application Configuration section if not to set the Document-Window Key when it is created ?

If i set the key to something like : 11111-111111-111111-1111111-1111111-..... it does not take it but creates a new one.

what i need is a way to identify where 'External Application 1' window is in some cases so i can do activate on its window key.

Currently I am doing it like this.... please provide a more better function in your DLLs...

Form frm = guiHost.getMainForm();
ControlCollection col = frm.Controls;
foreach (Control x in col)
    if (x.GetType() == typeof(Acti.....TabbedMdiRootContainer)){
      TabbedMdiContainer con = (TabbedMdiContainer )x.Controls[0];

     foreach (TabbedMdiWindow win in con.TabbedMdiWindows){
        if (t.Text == "THIS IS THE TEXT OF THE TITLE")
         //save document key by doing:
         MyDocKey = t.Key; //then you can use it by GuiHost.SetActiveWindow(MyDocKey);


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