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Forum Index » Avaya IX™ Client SDK - General » JavaScript CSDK - far end call decline problem   XML
Author Message

Joined: 10/07/2018 03:43:10
Messages: 18


We have problem with following scenario:

A - calling party (Javascript CSDK)
B - called party (IOS CSDK)

when B declines the call without answering, A does not receive the corresponding SIP message and still ringing.
After 120 seconds A sends CANCEL.

What I observed is that 486 Busy Here message coming from B does not forwarded to AAWG by SM.
 Filename browser_log.txt [Disk] Download
 Description No description given
 Filesize 3 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  126 time(s)

 Filename call_decline_from_mobile_client.tgz [Disk] Download
 Description No description given
 Filesize 12 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  128 time(s)

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Joined: 25/12/2017 03:04:15
Messages: 57

Thanks for posting your query!

Can you please collect AAWG logs along with SM trace and also simultaneously post this same query on AAWG forum with logs ?

Thanks & Regards,
DevConnect Team

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Joined: 10/07/2018 03:43:10
Messages: 18


Sorry for the late response.
I tried to attach AAWG logs but having some error due to large file size.
Please specify any other method to upload logs.



Joined: 07/10/2019 15:20:02
Messages: 36

Hello hkalyoncu,

I suggest you to send us the logs through a file storage service, just make sure the link is public.

Also, please include updated logs of both Javascript SDK and AAWG.

Avaya DevConnect support team.
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