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Hello Everyone,

I have created the the pom custom restrictions application class for custom restrict node using the developer guide of POM.
I follow all the steps which is mention in the POM developer guide.
My custom class name is 'testCustomRestriction'. Below is the code of my class(same as in doc):

public class TestCustomRestriction implements PomCustomRestriction {
public boolean processCustomRestriction(PomInfo pomInfo, String result) {
System.out.println("Inside custom restriction processing for " + result);
System.out.println("Campaign Name: " + pomInfo.getCampaignName());
System.out.println("Job ID: " + pomInfo.getJobId());
System.out.println("POM Session ID: " + pomInfo.getPimSessionId());
System.out.println("User Contact ID: " + pomInfo.getContactId());
System.out.println("User Contact Group Name:" + pomInfo.getContactGroupName());
System.out.println("Address: " + pomInfo.getAddress());
System.out.println("Address Timezone: " + pomInfo.getAddressTimeZone());
System.out.println("Address Country: " + pomInfo.getAddressCountry());
return false;

After creating the class. I created the jar file of my .class file then I copy the created .jar file on '$POM_HOME/lib/custom' folder and restart POM service by typing '/sbin/service POM restart' command.

After restarting the POM server, I Specify the fully qualified class name in the custom class name parameter of the custom restrict node.

Then, I run my campaign. After running campaign my Custom class is not worked.
I am getting the below error:

"P_POMCM006|INFO|POMCM|||External class(es) used in Contact Strategy for campaign Test are not valid or not accessible| POM server IP "

Can somebody help me to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Is there anyone who can help me on this.

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I am also facing the same issue.Were you able to solve the problem?

Many Thanks
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I am working on the similar one(Java SMS using POM custom handler). Please anyone can share a sample application or idea about it.
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