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I've built an application including the Avaya IX client SDK and the app is complied and I was able to install it on my Vantage device using an APK.

Althoough, now it is time to fine tune on my Vantage device and for this I hope to be able to run the debugger from Android Studio. Unfortunatelly, I've activated the developer tools and entered the admin password to display all admin parameters on my device but I do not see any "USB debug" entry in the developers section.

When I plug the Vantage on my computer, it is not detected by "adb devices" command and nothing happen on the Vantage device to approve my computer or anything.

How am I supposed to debug the application on the Vantage device ? Because it does not make sense to build an APK and transfer it to the device after each change,,,

If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated!

Informations about my Avaya Vantage device :

* Software information :
* Android version : 8.1.0
* Build number : 7028
* Hardware information : Model K175D02A

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Sorry for the late response
Vantage USB is not open for ADB connections.
in order to debug your app you need to run adb connection using ip address.
1st enable ADB, go to settings--> system --> about , press onthe build number 7 times to become a developer
go one step back and go inside developer options --> enable ADB

next from your command line type

adb connect xxx.yyy.zzz.qqq

Let me know if you have further questions.

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