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Hi we’re working on a Breeze and ED design for a PoC for a customer and few questions were raised regarding the failure scenario & license:

1. If Breeze node is running fine with ED snap-in installed and the ED Flow is not responding for some reason :
- can the active Breeze node trigger another ED flow ?
- or can such Breeze node transfer a call back somewhere else ?
The goal is to prevent when the ED flow is not responding …

2. for the DB request timeout or Call Rest API timeout, Partner is aware of the Boundary event block for handling error/timeout.

3. for the Breeze Cluster not responding (DC1) ; Partner understood to configure a second Routing Policy under the concerned SM Dial Pattern table to route the call to DC2’s Cluster.
> do you know the value of the INVITE timeout not answered for SM to send the call to the next route point ?

4. Attached is a Solution Overview diagram, where we see the two DCs with distinct Breeze clusters that will be both active :
If Breeze clusters are configured using different SMGRs, then ED instances will require their own license file on each SMGR , right ?
What about if both clusters are configured with the same SMGR, is a single ED license (loaded on both SMGR GeoHA) enough ?
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