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I am struggling trying to get a custom class for a Result Node used in a POM Campaign Strategy to work. In the POM 3.1.1 Developer Guide (attached with this post) it states, on page 252, that this can be used for
all other values except for Answer Human, Answer Machine, Call Answered, and Fax Machine
which is what we want to try and do. So, within our Campaign Strategy we have a Result Processor Node with multiple Result Nodes under it (Answer Human, Answer Machine, and –Any Other Completion Code-). The “-Any Other Completion Code-“ Result Node is where we want to invoke our custom Result Processor class (See the image "Campaign Strategy" also attached with this post.). I was provided a JAR that has the class that implements “PomResultProcessor” as described in the document and the JAR file is located in the “$POM_HOME/lib/custom” directory along with the “AgentAPIClient.jar”. However, When I try to run the Campaign associated with this Strategy, I receive the following errors:
  • 13 Feb 2020 08:18:48,291 [CampaignWorker-147-147] ERROR - ContactStrategyParser.isStrategyValid:1524 - External Action or Result Processor class(es) used in Contact Strategy for campaign TeleLife_Unscheduled_Weekday are not valid or not accessible

  • 13 Feb 2020 08:18:48,297 [CampaignWorker-147-147] INFO - CampaignWorker.executeContactStrategy:792 - Error occurred while parsing contact strategy for job 147

  • I am very confused as to why this does not work as the documentation was followed and all the pieces are in the correct spots. We only have one POM server in this environment and the POM services were restarted (as well as a full reboot of the server), but it still refuses to call the custom class. Any help or pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Filename TeleLife_Unscheduled.txt [Disk] Download
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    It looks like you are trying to create a Result Processor custom class for Result Processor node.
    You should specify the fully qualified class name in the custom processor parameter of the result processor node after you set the value for Custom Processor to “Custom”.
    I've attached a screen shot to help.
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