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I am having some trouble trying to keep a finite campaign running by trying to leverage a restriction. Essentially what we want to accomplish is have a finite campaign run for a total of 12.5 hour each weekday. In previous versions of POM we did this by simply adding a Restriction node with a restrict node under it which looked at a campaign attribute and if the campaign attribute had a value of "keepcampaignalive" it would enter a restricted state and recheck every 720 minutes. This would keep the campaign "alive" until the Time Based Completion time was reached. However, in POM 3.1.1 it does not seem to work. The campaign simply ends after all contacts in the list are finished.

The reason we want to do this is because we need to dynamically add contacts throughout the day via the POM API. Since the campaign is terminating after it iterates through the contacts we would have to go in and manually start the campaign again to call any newly added contacts. The campaign is associated with a contact list that has a contact containing the "keepcampaignalive" value for the KeepAliveFlag attribute but it still does not seem to work. I have attached a screenshot of the Campaign Strategy's Restriction and Restrict Node. Any pointers or insight is greatly appreciated.
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