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Forum Index » Avaya IX™ Client SDK - General » Shared Control for SIPCC Phone Type   XML
Author Message

Joined: 02/02/2020 23:22:46
Messages: 1

Hi Team,

Good day.
We are trying to do a shared control for a 9611SIPCC phone type but hitting an issue. We have no issues if the phone type is 9611SIP.
Our Avaya Aura platform is on version 7 and in this version, it is noted that the maximum MDA for a 9611sipcc station type is 1.
Which is likely causing an issue when we register our application to do a shared control.

In the Avaya Agent desktop deployment document (attached and on page 93), shared control is still possible with this MDA limitation.
This is achieved by registering to the SM by TLS and with a q-value of 0.

We can use TLS for our application but our devs are hoping that you can help out in determining where this q-value is set when using the communications package?
Our OS is Windows.

Hoping that you can help with this query. Thanks!


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Joined: 23/09/2019 00:26:26
Messages: 25


Thanks for your query!

We assume you have developed application using Client SDK where you want to start Shared Control Mode. You are using Deskphone as 9611SIP or 9611SIPCC.

It is recommended to check the configuration when configuring 9611SIP / 9611SIPCC phones.

Can you please elaborate what issue/error you are getting when enabling Shared Control Mode? if possible please attach debug logs.
Can you please let us know Client SDK version you are using?

Avaya DevConnect Team

Joined: 23/09/2019 00:26:26
Messages: 25


Client SDK will set Q value when we activate the Shared Control with
Controllable endpoints.

From query it is not clear if user is receiving Controllable Endpoint
list when connected SIPCC phone or getting Controllable Endpoint as
SIPCC phone but not able to activate the Shared Control mode.
If not receiving Controllable Endpoint as SIPCC phone in list then
user need to check the SM Configuration.
If receiving SIPCC phone details in Controllable Endpoint list then
need to check why activation of Shared Control mode failing which is
only possible with Debug Logs.

Avaya DevConnect Team
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