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I'm not sure if this particular Forum category is the one most appropriate for my question. Please re-direct if it isn't

My Question: How do I determine which AES SDK is the best option to implement Selective Listening Hold to an existing CTI module that is written in .Net

I see SDKs for TSAPI, DMCC, CVLAN etc. Are there any Avaya Matrix documenting the pros/cons?
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There is a DMCC .Net SDK which will allow you to use SLH. It has all the features provided by TSAPI & JTAPI.

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Another generic question: If i need to implement a CTI screen pop solution, is there an out of the box solution on Avaya. If yes, what is the product name and can you point me to the proper documentations
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If you are open to 3rd party solutions then please write to for integrations with below Avaya Platforms

Avaya Aura Call Manager
Avaya IP Office
Avaya Aura CCElite Contact Center
Avaya AES

We provide off the shelf applications , Connectors ,Custom solutions as per client requirements
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