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Hey Everyone,

We are currently upgrading
from POM 3.0.0 Running on Experience portal 7.1.0
To POM 3.1.2 Running on Experience portal 7.2.3

We are standing up a complete new setup of servers and looking for a way to export the DNC list from the old site .
There is heaps of ways to import a DNC list, but nothing I can find to explain how to export our DNC list.
I have looked through the developers guides and search the web but could not find anything.
This is a single list with about 3500 contact addresses.

The only way we can see to achieve this at the moment is to view the list inside pom, page by page going through 70 pages of 50 numbers each, to copy and paste the data out.

Help please with any api or webservice call that could easily retrieve this data for us in json or xml format or even csv.

Thanks in advance.
MikeMalcorINI [Avatar]

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How about running a SQL query on the POM Database. Attached are a couple screen shots that may help.
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Thanks Mike, much appreciated, we will give this a go.
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