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Forum Index » Avaya Breeze » How can I determine if a call terminates as "a missed call" without anybody answers it ?.   XML
Author Message

Joined: 31/05/2020 23:23:24
Messages: 1


need to send back message if a call is missed. How can I catch this ?

I tried to log it and it was not in the callTerminated() method in callListener.

Thanks !


I have tried both my cell phone number and my avaya network number.

1. For the cell phone number, after about 1 minute, it will become a "Missed Call" on the phone screen, and as soon as that happens, it invokes callOriginated() method, which is confusing cause the user doesn't actually pick up the call. Does it make more sense if it goes to callTerminated() with a cause of "User missed the call" ? After it goes to callOriginated(), I will be playing an annoucement. Then after another 1 minute (maybe less), it will invoke the callTerminated() with the CallTerminationCause == "AFTER_ANSWER". Same thing happens when I select "Decline" as the cell phone rings.

2. For the avaya network number (15132288150), I logged on Avaya Communicator and made a call. After about 3 minutes, it became a "Missed Call" on Avaya Communicator's call history. But nothing is invoked in callListener. I cannot catch this event actually.

3. One more scenario is that if the number is wrong or the number is not logged in Avaya Communicator, how can EDP know this and invoke some function so I can send information back to the server.


Joined: 31/03/2015 17:11:22
Messages: 19

It would be helpful if you described the intended call scenario from the Breeze service's point of view.

For example:
Caller 'A' dials caller 'B'. Called 'B' includes Breeze in its terminating sequence. Breeze intercepts the call and plays an announcement to 'A'. Breeze then allows the call to proceed to 'B'. 'B' rings, etc.


The service is a callable service. Caller 'A' dials the callable service. Breeze receives the call. The service plays an announcement to 'A'. The service then adds called 'B'. Breeze dials 'B'. 'B' rings, etc.


The service dials caller 'A'. 'A' rings. 'A' answers'. The service plays an announcement to 'A'. The service dials called 'B'. 'B' rings. 'B' answers, etc.

Please be as descriptive as possible. When your issue below occurs, please be clear in what you expected to happen instead.

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