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Forum Index » Avaya Breeze » How Oceana WebRTC Reference Client support IPv6   XML
Author Message

Joined: 24/03/2020 12:57:11
Messages: 3

Dear experts,

I setup a IPv6 system, Internet--IPv6---F5/SBC-B1-IPv6-----SBC-A1-IPv4----AAWG(IPv4), when place a WebRTC call from Ref client to SBC, Ref client access SBC through IPv6, I can see at last the Media IP (public IPv6 address of SBC) received on Ref Client, but get error message "Start Media Failure" on Ref Client.

Per my understanding, HTTPS signaling is success, and Media IP (IPv6) received by Ref client, it should start to send UDP stream to the MediaIP+UDP Port to exchange audio.

Any suggestion? Thanks!
 Filename CrashLog-OceanaReferenceClient202007061409.log [Disk] Download
 Description No description given
 Filesize 744 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  142 time(s)


Joined: 01/06/2015 02:11:49
Messages: 14

Hi Patrick,
We'll soon get back to you on this query.


Joined: 24/03/2020 12:57:11
Messages: 3

I found error code 8019, seems Ref Client only retrieve the prefix "24e0" of IPv6 address as remote address (for media), which is not a real IP address.

Joined: 20/06/2005 14:06:52
Messages: 784
Location: Thornton, CO

Patrick investigating this question exceeds the level of support that is provided in the free forums.

If your company is participating in the DevConnect at a support enabled or higher level of membership, you can open a Technical Support request through the portal and ask your question that way leveraging your support entitlements.
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