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Forum Index » Avaya Breeze » Group Page   XML
Author Message

Joined: 14/02/2019 03:50:20
Messages: 22

Is there a way to great a simular solution like the Group Page functionality of CM with Breeze?

Best Regards

Joined: 19/12/2013 15:15:46
Messages: 12

Hi Dirk,

If I recall correctly, the group page feature allows a user to dial cause a number of phones to auto-answer in order to speak some message on the speaker. Is that what you are looking for?

I am thinking that the Multi Channel Broadcast sample app could help out getting started -- but I don't think it will do exactly what you want. It dials a list of extensions, requires the callees to answer, then it plays a pre-recorded announcement. Let me check with Sean and Suzchen to see if there is a possibility to auto-answer the CM controlled endpoints (e.g., DCP, H.323. SIP) to get one step closer.

Note that Breeze does not support >2 party conferencing, so I don't readily see how the user would be able to connect to multiple endpoints and speak the message live.


Joined: 31/03/2015 17:11:22
Messages: 19

If your goal is to NOT use CM, then we believe that it is not possible to use the duplicate the CM's group page feature where the caller can speak to multiple called parties by just using Breeze.

If, however, you wanted to play an announcement to multiple called parties, you could refer to the MultiChanBroadcast sample services to make one-party calls and use the OutgoingSipMessageListener (as described in the Breeze API) to add an "auto-answer" header to the outbound initial INVITES.

When sending a SIP request outbound, the following callback is made:

void sendingOut(SipRequest request, Participant targetParticipant)

You would then add a SIP header to the request:

request.addHeader("Answer-Mode", "Auto");

If, however, you still wanted to use CM, but NOT use CM group-page feature you could consider:

1. Caller calls a VDN on CM (through callIntercept on Breeze), or Caller calls a callable service on Breeze.
- If callable service, the services addParticipant(VDN).
2.Snapin possibly plays an announcement informing the caller that participants are being added?
3. Snapin invokes 2-party make call between VDN and called party. (Call VDN first) Use SipOutgoingMessageListener to add "auto-answer" header to outgoing SIP messages to called party.
- Repeat for all called parties.
4. Snapin possilbly plays an annoucement that all parties have been connected?
5. Caller can now speak to all called parties on speaker.

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