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Hi Expert,

We have developed POM desktop using POM AgentDesktopAPI.
what is the behavior if the connection is disconnected between desktop and POM server(network issue). Will agent loss control for current existing call(release/wrap up call etc)? agent should re-login even the connection re-connect immediately?
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From page 33 of the POM 3.1.3 HA Guide

Impact of the Agent Manager failure
In a single server deployment, if the Agent Manager fails, then all agents receive
POMNotAvailable notification and agent cannot perform any operation from the desktop. However, the agent in busy state can continue the call but cannot dispose the call from the desktop. All inprogress calls that are answered with live voice are marked as nuisance calls.
During a network outage, POMNotAvailable notifications are not sent to the desktop. Also, all operations performed by an agent are not communicated to Agent Manager and the error message is displayed. After the network connection is re-established, the agent needs to close the desktop and forcefully login again. Such calls are marked with the disposition as the Desktop error and agents need to login again. For the multi-server setup, during the network outage, if the network goes down for more than 40 seconds of the high-availability timeout, then another Agent Manager from the dormant server takes over the zone of failed Agent Manager server. If network connection is reestablished before 40 seconds, then the same server continues to operate.
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