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I want to use Avaya Nortel CCT sdk in a web application where multiple clients (Agents) would connect to the server via browser and utilize the Nortel SDK to perform telephony operations.
Is there any sample application demonstrating this? Or any reference document describing the architectural design of such application?
My real concern is the session management of the concurrent connections. The desktop client demonstrate all the operations for a single client but I want multiple sessions to co-exist in an application.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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There is some generic guidance on this within the CCT/.NET documentation (it should be installed as CHM file with your SDK install).

There is also a [sample web application] on this site but it is very old at this stage (and may not work on current lineups) and IS NOT intended as "best practice" reference (it is an illustration of API features ONLY).

[sample web application]:

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