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Forum Index » Avaya Breeze » ZangSMSConnector Inbound   XML
Author Message

Joined: 17/11/2015 12:58:56
Messages: 11

So, I can use my Breeze to send SMS via Zang. I see there's an inbound poller running in the ZangSmsConnector.log but none of my SMSs to my Zang PSTN number are picked up by the poller. I wanted to avoid invoking an outbound REST call from Zang to my Breeze and was hoping the ZangSMSConnector snap in would pick up the SMS and make an event out of it.

What am I missing?

Joined: 17/02/2015 13:33:32
Messages: 22

There is a setting required on the Zang CPaaS in order to support inbound SMS.

In CPaaS: Numbers; Manage Numbers;

Set the incoming url (SMS Request URL) with the following url -<AccountSid>/SMS/Incoming

where <AccountSid> is to be replaced with actual accountSid of the respective Zang account.

The Zang SMS Connector will poll for incoming message only for Default account specified in service attributes.
This also requires that the SMGR;Breeze;Config;Attributes are set for the ZangSMSConnector and that outbound SMS is working.

CPaaS Notifications will provide good troubleshooting information while using this connector.

I hope this helps.

Joined: 17/11/2015 12:58:56
Messages: 11



So, I set the SMS request URL in CPaaS to what you suggested - which is also the name of the poller URL Breeze is using.

It just sits there when I send SMS to my number. If I change it back to the default and send a SMS, i immediately get the "We have received your message..."

When I change it back to the poller URL you suggested/in the breeze logs, nothing gets picked up on subsequent SMSs. Weird.

2020-10-30 14:05:02,482 [Thread-488] ZangSmsConnector INFO - ZangSmsConnector- - - createInboundUrl() : complete incoming poller url
2020-10-30 14:05:02,483 [Thread-488] ZangSmsConnector INFO - ZangSmsConnector- - - startPollerForAccount() : Poller started for account ACf674eb32b98db1e91f8d4495b2e3670d Pollertype INBOUND isDefaultService true
2020-10-30 14:05:02,501 [Thread-488] ZangSmsConnector INFO - ZangSmsConnector- - AuthorizationRegistrar: registering listener
2020-10-30 14:05:05,491 [WorkManager.DefaultWorkManager : 2] ZangSmsConnector INFO - ZangSmsConnector- - - getNodeClusterIP() : Cluster IP is :
2020-10-30 14:07:09,015 [DAOReplicationQueueServicer] ZangSmsConnector INFO - ZangSmsConnector- - - notify() : attribute name -defaultSMSNumber attribute value - 15xxxxxxx03
2020-10-30 14:07:09,017 [DAOReplicationQueueServicer] ZangSmsConnector INFO - ZangSmsConnector- - - notify() : attribute name -accountId attribute value - ACf674eb32b98db1e91f8d4495b2e3670d
2020-10-30 14:07:09,021 [DAOReplicationQueueServicer] ZangSmsConnector INFO - ZangSmsConnector- - - notify() : attribute name - userPassword attribute value - *****


Joined: 17/02/2015 13:33:32
Messages: 22

  • For the Breeze server, check that the Breeze Eventing Connector is open to the internet. There might be a Postman project to simulate/test; I can look if that is of interest.

  • Is outbound SendSMS Notification task working / sending out from ED or other Breeze snap-in? You should see these in CPaaS dashboard Logs; SMS Messages.

  • If outbound is working but not inbound, you might turn logging up on the ZangSMS Connector to see whether it is Warning or sending any Errors.

  • KyleHodess

    Joined: 17/11/2015 12:58:56
    Messages: 11

    My breeze eventing connector is open to the internet.

    I was able to point the incoming SMS for my phone number to that URL and I see the request come from CPaaS, go through my SBCE proxy and hit Breeze.

    Looking for documentation, I only found the 3.3 version info on the ZangSmsConncetor on DevConnect. I appreciate the URL you gave me, but I'm wondering if that was available in documentation I could have found on my own so I don't have to keep bugging you.

    I have a single breeze cluster, so I figured for fun I'd give it a cluster IP and cluster FQDN - I was thinking maybe the inbound poller on the SMS connector advertises a Breeze event FQDN. It doesn't seem like it because SMS's don't trigger any activity in my Nginx traces on the inbound eventing FQDN.

    Using traceCE and debugging "ALL" for the snapin, I was able to get ZangSmsConnector.log to print very verbose information.

    One thing that caught my eye was:

    2020-10-30 18:20:26,999 [WorkManager.DefaultWorkManager : 0] ZangSmsConnector DEBUG - ZangSmsConnector- - - prepareHttprequestUri() : No append url provided: request URI -

    I was thinking maybe that "append URL" was like a callback URL and that my polling subscription should include a callback URL for when CPaaS gets a message for me. That's why I tried both not setting a cluster IP/FQDN for my single node cluster AND setting a unique cluster IP/FQDN. I updated my certs to include both FQDNs as SANs. Feel free to check for yourself!

    I'm not seeing anything coming in through my SBC reverse proxy when I send a text using the URL But, if I point the phone number's SMS handling to the cluster FQDN's eventing connector URL:

    Then I see a lot of 499's which seems like it's an Nginx thing and 504s from the Breeze back to the SBC back to CPaaS. It at least proves CPaaS hits my Breeze.
    Oh well. I'll try later...


    Joined: 17/11/2015 12:58:56
    Messages: 11

    I have the SMS URL set to for my number.

    I'ev also verified external connectivity. You can curl this and pop in a Canada/US number and you'll go through my SBC, to my Breeze and get a SMS back from CPaaS with a body of just your mobile number.

    curl --location --request POST '' --form 'family=sms' --form 'type=smsin' --form 'version=1.0' --form 'eventBody={"smsfrom":"15145551234"}'

    For what it's worth, I see the following in my traces when I know I've sent messages to CPaaS - it looks like I get a 204 reply of no content. Does my CPaaS account need to be enabled somehow to use inbound SMS?

    2020-10-31 14:04:10,193 [WorkManager.DefaultWorkManager : 3] ZangSmsConnector FINE - ZangSmsConnector- - - OUTBOUND L: HTTPS id:e8fe5481-0134-4f08-8b08-0570cec8fb16
    GET HTTP/1.1
    2020-10-31 14:04:12,242 [WorkManager.DefaultWorkManager : 1] ZangSmsConnector TRACE - ZangSmsConnector- - - checkResponseStatus() : status line HTTP/1.1 204 

    Joined: 17/11/2015 12:58:56
    Messages: 11


    I wound up proxying Breeze outbound through my SBC just to see all the HTTP traffic in there rather than the logs, and lo and behold, I always get a 204 no content when there are no new messages, but I do actually get a 200 with the message when there is a message!

    I guess I couldn't easily see in trace logs on the Eventing Connector or the SmsConnector that this was happening.

    I wound up guessing that the event type "Message" and SMS_Incoming was the thing it published to the event bus and figured my way around.

    Yay! I can receive SMS now!

    Thanks for the tip on the URL required for the phone number. Is there any more up to date documentation around it? Did I miss something somewhere?
    Go to: