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Forum Index » Avaya Breeze » JavaScript Avaya Client SDK of Unified Agent Controller   XML
Author Message

Joined: 13/03/2020 05:58:12
Messages: 1

We are trying to implement the agent not ready feature by using the sample JavaScript Avaya Client SDK of Unified Agent Controller, the sample code expects the input parameter such as the cluster IP, Client_ID and SSOToken for accessing the agent controller service. Could you please help us from where we will get those input parameter details.

Below is the code snippet taken from the sample JavaScript Avaya Client SDK.

const CLIENT_ID = 'testApp';
var SSOToken = $.cookie('UACCookieSession');

Joined: 24/10/2013 21:24:19
Messages: 409

Sounds like you are talking about the Customer Interaction Utilities package. If that is the case have you seen this page? There are some helpful links there. The cluster IP is just the IP of the Breeze cluster that is setup in System Manager. If you just have one Breeze node you can also just use that IP. I am not seeing CLIENT_ID and SSOToken, so I may need more information on the exact package and file you are looking at.
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