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A very peculiar issue is being observed, one that can not be replicated at will.

AES and JTAPI Details
JTAPI: ecsjtapia_8.1

AES was recently patched for a similar issue (Link Down) when invalid number dialed. (Attached screenshot)
Patch: AES_19767_813


  • 1.Agents login in via out CTI application.
    2.An Agent (A1) Places a call from hardphone (or softphone) to another agent's (A2) station.
    3.Agent A2 does not answer the call.
    4.After about 4 -5 rings the coverage path comes into play where the call is forwarded to a Voice Mail Hung- Group (7100 in this case).

  • Issue
    On the back end (JTAPI) AES Link drops between the CTI and AES.
    I have tried to replicate this by following the steps above but no luck in any of my attempts.

    Error Snippet
    [size=9]2020-11-18 14:02:20,637 [DistributeCSTAEvent] INFO TSEventHandler - Handling CSTA_HELD for TSProvider[#1]@388cb8aa
    2020-11-18 14:02:20,638 [DistributeCSTAEvent] ERROR TSEventHandler - Event Distributor Exception - shutting down provider TSProvider[#1]@388cb8aa
    2020-11-18 14:02:20,638 [DistributeCSTAEvent] ERROR TSEventHandler -
    at com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.impl.core.TSEventHandler.doConnEvents(
    at com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.impl.core.TSEventHandler.cstaUnsolicited(
    at com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.tsapiInterface.TsapiEventDistributor.handleEvent(
    2020-11-18 14:02:20,644 [GetEventThread] INFO TsapiSession - Received monitorCrossRefID 45 for TSProvider[#1]@388cb8aa
    2020-11-18 14:02:20,644 [DistributeCSTAEvent] INFO TSProviderImpl - TSProvider.shutdown - attempting shutdown
    2020-11-18 14:02:20,644 [GetEventThread] DEBUG TsapiSession - CSTATransferredEvent ::=
    2020-11-18 14:02:20,644 [DistributeCSTAEvent] INFO TSProviderImpl - TSProvider.shutdown - Starting


    Attached logs JTAPI logs for 4 such calls.

    Please do let me know if any additional details are required.


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    Your traces show the CSTAHeldEvent events the JTAPI client received from AE Services. For the cases where an exception is thrown, these events are malformed. For example the event at 2020-11-18 14:02:20,636 in jtapi-18Nov-call_ID-13060.txt:

    CSTAHeldEvent ::=
    monitorCrossRefID 45
    callID 13060
    deviceID <null>
    devIDType 0 < STATIC_ID >
    deviceID <null>
    deviceIDStatus 1 < ID_NOT_KNOWN >
    localConnectionInfo 3 < CS_CONNECT >
    cause -1 < EC_NONE >

    Note that the Held DeviceID and Holding DeviceID are both null. Also, there should be a TsapiPrivate data section at the event of the event. There is an example of a good event earlier in the same log file.

    Obviously, the JTAPI client expects this data to exist and is behaving badly when it does not. You will need to find out why this data is not being filled in. Most likely, AE Services is not receiving it from Communication Manager but it is also possible that AE Service is leaving out data for some reason.

    If this problem is occurring in a production environment, your customer should open a ticket with Avaya Services or their business partner for help. If this is occurring in your lab, then you can open a Devconnect Technical Support Ticket and one of my colleagues will try to help you investigate.

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    Hi Navid,

    Did you find cause for this shutdown? We are facing same issue when we dial wrong number, we receive providerShutDown event?

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Our issue was resolved by applying a Hot Fix (AES_19767_813) on the AES 8.1.3.

    The Hot Fix can only be acquired from Avaya for AES 8.1.2 or higher

    Known issues and workarounds in Application Enablement Services 8.1.x.x
    ----AES-19767 ---"The JTAPI SDK crashed due to the CSTA_CONNECTION_CLEARED event after an invalid number was called."
    JTAPI crash with nullpointer exception."
    JTAPI crash due to ConnectionCleared event."

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks Navid for quick reply.
    Let me check with Avaya Vendor.

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