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After upgrading to we stop POM services, and when we check the status, each one of them show stopped but the overall status says: POM is partially running.
This situation does not allow to run the commad do_UpdatePOMCerts. See bellow.
Any idea?
Thanks a lot!!

[root@aaep-pom-01 bin]# service POM status
Checking POM <version POM.> Status at Tue Dec 1 05:26:14 PST 2020
Checking individual components:
Agent Manager is stopped

Campaign Manager is stopped

Campaign Director is stopped

POM ActiveMQ is stopped

Rule Engine is stopped

Advance list Management is stopped

zookeeper is stopped

kafka is stopped

Overall Status: POM is partially running

[root@aaep-pom-01 bin]# ./do_UpdatePOMCerts
Validating environment .. Please stop POM service to continue !!
[root@aaep-pom-01 bin]#
[root@aaep-pom-01 bin]#
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I can't provide specific root cause but will mention a few things to look at.
Make sure you have enough Memory and CPU for POM to run POM (based on the POM Guides).
There may be some sort of Java error, look through the logs for that.
Also, check out the database and look for any errors there.
If the logs don't provide information that can be used to address the issue, an Avaya ticket may need to be opened.
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