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Forum Index » Web Services » AES SMS call for CM command   XML
Author Message

Joined: 07/02/2020 13:36:17
Messages: 25

In using port networks in my phone system. I am trying to pull information from Communication Manager via SMS and AES. Has anyone successfully implemented a command like this on the AES api (sms_test.php).
"list configuration board aaaa"

Here is what I am getting. Any help would be appreciated on getting this to work.

Input into the AES tester (sms_test.php):

Model: Configuration
Operation: List
Qualifier: board 01d06
Fields: Board_Number|Board_Type

Response {
var $result_code = 1
var $result_data = ''
var $message_text = '1 00000000 5bc5 "configuration" is an invalid
entry; please press HELP

Joined: 07/02/2020 13:36:17
Messages: 25

This was a permissions issue on the Communication Manager. The user did not have permissions to the command/items in CM. This issue has been resolved.

Joined: 07/02/2020 13:36:17
Messages: 25

I have a similar issue now with the command "list uniform-dialplan" using SMS via AES. IT doesn't seem to be permissions this time as the command works with the user in the sms_test.php site, SAT and smgr cut-through. When I submit the command using an XML file and the SMS api, I get this message....

<result_code>1</result_code><result_data/><message_text>1 00000000 5bc5 "uniform-dialplan" is an invalid entry; please press HELP


Joined: 25/02/2021 13:29:13
Messages: 1

With the command 'list uniform-dialplan' using SMS via AES, I have a similar problem now. This time, IT does not seem to be permissions as the command works on the sms test.php site, SAT and smgr cut-through with the user. Using the XML file and SMS api, when I send a command, I get this message....

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