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Forum Index » Engagement Designer » Unable to get contextId or collected digits   XML
Author Message

Joined: 28/10/2019 17:01:49
Messages: 6

When using the "GetCallContext" task, the status is "FAILED" and the contextId and collectedDigits fields are empty.

When checking the ED logs, I see "Exception on retrieving Call object for Call ID" followed by "call object not found for call ID".

I do see the UUI data in the SIP header when doing a traceSM but it seems like the data is not being passed to ED

Joined: 15/07/2016 13:43:34
Messages: 21

Could you please check if you have mapped the ucid correctly for the GetCallContext task.
The other possibility is that the call is already disconnected when the task is being executed.
Is this happening for every call?


Joined: 28/10/2019 17:01:49
Messages: 6

This is happening for every call. Even if I try to use "SetCallContext" it does not work - status is failed.

I've attached the input mapping I did for "GetCallContext"
[Thumb - Capture_GetCallContextMapping.PNG]
 Filename Capture_GetCallContextMapping.PNG [Disk] Download
 Description No description given
 Filesize 35 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  624 time(s)


Joined: 13/07/2021 00:09:51
Messages: 5

I am using request context id to follow request/response and also use it to check to 64 characters and if the context id contains quotes or colons we throw an error, was always failing with this is not existing anymore so will not be able to get All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

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