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Forum Index » Web Services » Connection Refused Java Application for SMS on AES 8.0.1   XML
Author Message

Joined: 17/07/2020 11:45:05
Messages: 1

My Java Application returns a connection refused when trying to run on AES Release 8.0.1. When I run my application on the Avaya Remote Lab with Release 8.1.3 everything works fine. My application is able to connect, run commands and shut down properly. However, when moving outside of the remote lab to a separate version and environment my application returns a SOAP Fault. Cause being a Connection refused: connect. Message being a HTTP transport error: Connection refused: connect

I know my credentials are right as I have tested on the smsxml_test.php and the command appears to be able to run fine. It prints out the appropriate response with my credentials. I can't seem to get access to a log where my application runs as the I can't ssh into the Remote Labs AES. I have however attached a log of my attempts to run the application on the separate environment.

I have switched the libraries to the ones accessible from the AES Release 8.0.1 page to make sure it wasn't something weird between the libraries. Any help would be very appreciated. I'd be glad to answer any questions to anything I might have left out.
 Filename sms-log.txt [Disk] Download
 Description 8.0.1 Log
 Filesize 25 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  202 time(s)

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