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Forum Index » Avaya Orchestration Designer » Adjunct Routing & EP & Oceana   XML
Author Message

Joined: 28/08/2019 14:43:10
Messages: 51

There is one common issue. May be somebody thought as for it already.
I need some ideas/experience.
So there is a request from a customer as for DTMF processing at queue.
Usually we are offering ICR or EP with converse-on.
But here it is Oceana. It doesn't have some in banded functionality.
The issue is what could we do here.

There is one idea:
Oceana has Engagement Designer. It has workflow of queue and it can be used by Adjunct Routing feature.
It means we can do Adjunct Routing request to Engagement Designer and it will put virtual call to queue to Oceana. As soon as call will reach agent there Engagement Designer will return Agent ID for transfer of call.

So the question is: Does somebody have some experience as for Adjunct Routing request from EP to somewhere?

We can put the call to EP. Next EP can interact with the customer somehow and next EP can do request to Engagement Designer vi Adjunct Routing. (Actually it is request to AES which will to request to Adjunct Server) and next as soon as it gets answer then do transfer to this number.

I'll very appreciate for any comments/ideas/anything.

Rg, Dmitry

Joined: 06/11/2013 14:29:24
Messages: 3720

You would be better talking to our APS group on this topic.

Joined: 28/08/2019 14:43:10
Messages: 51

Thank you for your answer.
I am from APS team. :-)
It doesn't help for answer on my question. It is reason why I am asking community.
Possibly somebody has an experience.

Best regards, Dmitry Senashenko
Avaya Professional Services | CP
Kosmodamianskaya emb., 52, bldg.. 3 | 115054 Moscow, Russia |
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