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Forum Index » Engagement Designer » ED 3,7 Select Best Agent (ServiceMap)   XML
Author Message

Joined: 27/04/2021 09:02:45
Messages: 1

I'm having issue with SelectBestAgent in the output mapping I'm mapping the WAInput.ServiceMap (all object 1 Mappings) to RequestResource.SericeMap (all object 1 mappings).

At the start of my workflow I perform a RetrieveContext and can see the ServiceMap entries. So I'm thinking my issue is either with the format of the ContextStore entry from Avaya OD IVR and/or with my RequestResource node input mapping.

Here is the format for my AOD IVR to ContextStore entry:
"data": {
"Locale": "en-us",
"ServiceMap": {
"1": {
"attributes": {
"attributeId": [
"ContactType": [
"Language": [
"Dept": [
"Channel": [
"CallCenter": [
"minProficiency": "1",
"resourceCount": " ",
"rank": "3",
"priority": "5",
"maxProficiency": "1"
"MatchingService": " ",
"contextId": "448448",
"CustomerId": "448448",
"UCID": "00001087431617810283",
"ResourceMap": " ",
"DNIS": "10157500",
"CollectedDigits": "1,1,448448,2",
"requestId": "448448",
"topic": "undef",
"Strategy": "Most Idle",
"AgentId": "",
"ANI": "44433"

Appreciate all feedback Thank you.

Joined: 12/05/2021 04:22:52
Messages: 1


SelectBestAgent doesn't have output mapping, seems that you mean input mapping, correct?

Looks that data from ContextStore is correct. Could you attach and screenshots of problem flow? ED logs also can help to find out root cause
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