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is it possible to obtain from TSAPI events the information about voice RTP identification on IP (SIP or H.323) trunk? I mean something similar like time-slot identification on E1 trunk. I need to assign TSAPI endpoint event to the corresponding voice data on IP trunk. The PBX is connected to he PSTN via IPtrunk.
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The private data in the Delivered and Established events include Trunk Group and Trunk Member numbers. That is the only information available via TSAPI. I am not sure if that will be very useful to you.

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How are you getting the 'corresponding voice data'? Are you getting the signaling information for the call as well? While Martin's suggestion will give you an reference on the trunk to the call, I don't see how it binds to any RTP information you might be getting. The normal mechanism with a trunk tap is to observe the signaling and 'figure it out' An alternative mechanism is to use Universal Call ID, but that would require that the PSTN be providing it.
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