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OD 7.2.3

I have an OD app that is called by POM. The OD apps calls some webservices that need more than the default MPP Browser timeout of 15 secs.

Tried to use the External Property fetchtimeout in the AppRoot node it has no effect. (see attachment)

As a test, I changed the MPP Browser fetchtimeout and all worked perfectly. But don't want to change the timeout at that level.

Referring to Avaya Aura® Orchestration Designer Developer's Guide Release 7.2.3 Issue 1 September 2019

1) One section shows "fetchtimeout" (pg 769) while another section has "fetchTimeout" (pg 845). Which is correct?
2) For the Value, what is the format. Is it just a whole integer value that represent number of seconds, such as "30" or does it need an amplifier such as "30s"?

As a side note, when I did have External Property in the Root node, it seemed to cause bad fetches between POM and the OD app for every interaction.

Please advise.
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"fetchTimeout"" is referring in the ASR setting. In the app, you would use "fetchtimeout" if using external property. The number will be interpreted as seconds. I understand that you have specified in the AppRoot node, which would have a high priority than the system setting. Can you take a look at the vxml in the app trace.log and make sure you see the property generated as expected?
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