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Hi Team,

I am using Avaya system manager routing web service api (smgr-6_3_10-routing-ws-sdk) to pull adaptation information's.
I went through the sample code where it shows how can we connect and fetch these information, but it is using .jks certificate file to authenticate the request. but in 6.3.10 version of avaya system manager only provides a certificate in .pem format.

can we download the certificate file in .jks file?
if not then can you please provide a sample code for how can we use the .pem file to authenticate the request?

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Your query is related to system manager routing web service sdk and looks like query was mistakenly landed in Avaya Client SDK forum.

You need to post query with Avaya Aura System Manager. I see there is Web Services  forum. Can you please check with that forum ??

Vaibhao M
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