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Forum Index » JTAPI » API to Get Terminal State or Address State   XML
Author Message

Joined: 18/04/2011 23:19:21
Messages: 68


Is there any JTAPI API available to get state of Terminal or Address to check if Terminal or Address in service or not?
When we kill "Avaya One-X Agent" from task manager, application doesn't receive any event event though we have added TerminalListener and AddressListerner.
Application receives event after 5 mins.
In standard JTAPI, provider observer has feature like AddressInService & AddressOutOfService , TerminalInservice & TerminalOutOfService.

I checked using JTAPI Exerciser also and result is same.

Event though addAgent method get success if phone is down.

Thanks & Regards,

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Joined: 30/11/2009 05:00:18
Messages: 1758

When Communication Manager is configured with the Time To Service (TTS) feature on (the default) it can take a long time before it is aware that a H.323 phone has disconnected.

Normally, a phone will signal that it is disconnecting and Communication Manager will update it's status and send the appropriate events. However, when the phone disconnects chaotically, as yours is doing, there is no disconnect message sent and Communication Manager will think it is in service until it next tries to communicate with the phone. This can take several minutes.

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