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I am using AES and SMS to create users and assign extensions in SMGR. All seems to work fine except that button features don't match the template used.

What else could assign the value if they don't seem to come from the XML file sent with the API request.

Button 1:
(not a favorite)
Label: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Feature: call-appr
(Argument-1) auto-A/D: y
(Argument-2) ring: r

I have no button tags in my xml and I need auto-A/D to be 'n' as per the j179 template assigned. What would the xml tag look like to assign 'n' to auto-A/D?

  • This doesn't seem to do it.

  • <ns9:buttons>

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    I would suggest you start by using the CM SAT to manually add the desired values (e.g. ""change station x", where x is an existing station extension).

    Then use built-in AES SMS test page to display that station. You can look at the response returned to see the format expected, and then use that format to add/change a station with SMS.
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    Thank you for your response. I am attempting to make all assignments upon creation. Seems like each item should be set by the cm endpoint template.

    But if not, I can try it with the xml file submitted with the api call to create.
    From SMS test, I am thinking the value is "Button_Data_5[1]=y". I just can't see how to translate this into an xml entry with tags.

    Here is a snippet:
  • Button_Data_1[1]=call-appr|Button_Data_1[2]=call-appr|Button_Data_1[3]=call-appr|Button_Data_1[4]=ec500|Button_Data_1[6]=extnd-call|Button_Data_1[8]=autodial|Button_Data_1[9]=send-calls|Button_Data_4[1]=r|Button_Data_4[2]=r|Button_Data_4[3]=r|Button_Data_5[1]=y|Button_Data_5[2]=y|Button_Data_5[3]=y|Button_Data_6[8]=1|Button_Data_7[4]=n
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