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Forum Index » JTAPI » Single Step Transfer after Conference on SIP phone   XML
Author Message

Joined: 18/04/2011 23:19:21
Messages: 68


Here are steps to replicate issue in lab-
1- Take 2 SIP phone extension e.g. 6001 & 6002
2- Login agent on Ag1=6001 & Ag2=6002
3- Take ACD call on any of extension say 6001(Ag1). Customer call
4- Initiate consult from Ag1(6001) to other agent Ag2(6002)
5- Ag2(6002) answers call
6- Initiate conference from Ag1(6001) with consulted call
7- Disconnect call Ag1(6001). Ag1(6001) gets disconnected
8- Initiate Single Step Transfer from Ag2(6002) to Ag1(6001)

Issue - No connectionAlerting event received for Ag1(6001) for transferred(SST) call.

This can be easily reproduced.

JTAPI Version - 8.0.3
AES Version - SW Version:

Thanks & Regards,
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